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About Bassett Family Chiropractic

Our Goal Focuses On You

doctor talking with patientUltimately healthier people means a healthier planet- and as your Chiropractors we believe that helping people reach their healthcare goals allows our community to be a better place to live in. Here, you’ll find a chiropractor that can help!

We started our office 3 months after we graduated chiropractic college. We felt extremely prepared to begin our practice so we decided to go for it! We opened in Shelby Township because we fell in love with the area and the people that live here.

Since 2001, Bassett Family Chiropractic has delivered complete wellness to our community through caring chiropractic care.


Our Chiropractic Philosophy

Our philosophy is take care of the practice members and the rest will come. Our treatment plans are based on what you need. Everyone’s case is different and because of that your care is customized to you. We want people to feel comfortable and we provide a healing environment. It is not your typical doctors office. We believe that the environment is very important, we have fun, play different music, stay positive and always provide hope.

Getting Results With A Chiropractor – We’re Different

  • We have a lot of experience treating many ailments. They are all fun for us and we love what we do but the patients that get the best results are the ones that listen to our recommendations.
  • We offer very specific Gonstead chiropractic adjustments. We do not manipulate; we adjust the spine. We also offer a few supplements and have 2 massage therapists on staff.
  • Our staff is awesome! They are always upbeat and having fun! We believe that is very important when it comes to healing. Like the movie “Patch Adams” we think having fun and laughing is the best medicine.

Want to Learn More?

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